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  • WooCommerce Cookie Tracking

    MailPoet will use browser cookies for more precise WooCommerce tracking, so features like the WooCommerce Revenues and the Abandoned Shopping Cart automated email can work properly. To do that, it's

  • The WooCommerce Customers list

    The WooCommerce Customers list is a list automatically created by MailPoet with all of your WooCommerce customers. It also includes " Guest" customers. This list does count towards the 1,000

  • Case #1: Small Store Owner

    Use Case Example An e-commerce store owner who sells flowers wants to increase sales and engagement with their customers. - How to get started? They want to use MailPoet to create a weekly newsletter

  • Adding an Opt-in Checkbox to the WooCommerce Checkout Page

    If you have the WooCommerce plugin installed, you can add an opt-in checkbox from MailPoet to your checkout page so your customers can subscribe to your mailing list and receive emails sent from the

  • Import Old Customers to the WooCommerce Customers List

    Shop owners can easily send emails to their customers by selecting the WooCommerce Customers list. If WooCommerce is active, users that installed or updated the plugin should have chosen if they

  • Setting a Template with WooCommerce Emails Customizer

    The WooCommerce Emails Customizer feature allows MailPoet users to create one custom template for all WooCommerce transactional emails. What is a WooCommerce transactional email? WooCommerce

  • Guide to WooCommerce Revenue

    When a user clicks on a MailPoet email and makes a purchase within 2 weeks, the email gets credited for this sale. This works for all email types, for example, standard newsletters and WooCommerce

  • How to Add a Products Widget to the Newsletter

    When you have the WooCommerce plugin installed, you can add the Products from your shop to your newsletter using the "Products" widget. Here's how you can do it: 1 In the newsletter editor, drag the

  • Legacy WooCommerce Automatic Emails, Welcome Emails and Drip Campaings

    Attention: as of version 4.41.3 of the plugin, the legacy Welcome and WooCommerce emails were migrated to the new Automations page. If you are looking for your existing legacy emails, please check

  • Create a List

    To send your emails from MailPoet, you'll need to have subscribers added to a list. You can have unlimited amounts of lists! You can see all your lists by going to your WordPress dashboard > MailPoet

  • Create an Email: Types of Campaigns

    MailPoet allows you to create different types of emails: Newsletter, Latest Post Notifications, Re-engagement Emails and Automations. Each one has a different purpose and you can read more about it

  • Minimum and Recommended Requirements for MailPoet

    The following minimum requirements are required to run MailPoet: WordPress version WooCommerce version Writable WordPress's uploads folder PHP version 7.4 or newer PDO, PDO_MYSQL, XML, ZIP and

  • MailPoet Acquired by WooCommerce: Your Questions Answered

    On December 7 2020, MailPoet was acquired by WooCommerce. We understand that our existing customers may have some questions regarding how this acquisition affects their experience of using MailPoet,

  • Guide to Subscriber Segmentation

    Quick Links What are Segments? Segments vs Lists Types of Segments [Premium] Conditions: All or Any Segments' limits Examples to improve engagement What are Segments? Segments are dynamic filters

  • Why Can't I Delete my Subscribers?

    If you cannot delete a subscriber, it means they're probably added to the WordPress Users list or the WooCommerce Customers list. WordPress Users should be deleted as a User by going to the WordPress

  • Adding a Discount Coupon to Emails

    Including a discount coupon in newsletters is a simple yet effective marketing strategy that can increase customer loyalty, boost email engagement, drive sales, create a sense of urgency, and attract

  • Cookies Used by MailPoet

    MailPoet uses cookies in a variety of ways: Form Dismissal `popup_form_dismissed` cookie is used to remember if a subscription form was dismissed. The cookie is set to expire after the number of days

  • Detailed Statistics Per Subscriber

    If you're a Premium user, you can see detailed stats per subscribes by going to the MailPoet > Subscribers page, and click on the "Statistics" link for the subscriber you want to check: You'll see a

  • How to Link to Your Cart Page

    When creating an Abandoned Shopping Cart email, you may want to add a button and link to the Cart page, so your customer can proceed with the checkout. The Cart page contains the [woocommerce_cart]

  • The Abandoned Cart Content widget

    When you're creating an Abandoned Cart WooCommerce automated email, you'll see the option to add an Abandoned Cart Content widget. It will display the actual shopping cart content in an Abandonded

  • Sign-up Confirmation (Double Opt-in) Feature

    Important: The sign-up confirmation option is enforced when sending emails with MailPoet Sending Service, and there’s no option to disable it in MailPoet’s Settings > Sign-up confirmation tab. What

  • Sharing Your Data with Us

    As a MailPoet user, you can share anonymous data to help us improve the plugin. You can enable the data sharing option from the backend of your site in MailPoet > Settings > Advanced. Why do we need

  • How to Enable Stats Notifications

    You can set an email address to receive your newsletter’s stats report 24 hours after it has been sent, or every first Monday of the month for Welcome Emails and WooCommerce emails. Go to MailPoet >

  • How to Fix Queue-X-Save Error

    There are two reasons why the QUEUE-X-SAVE error can appear and block the sending queue: If the QUEUE-X-SAVE is displayed when trying to save the newsletter, it means there’s something preventing the

  • How to Set Up an Automation

    Quick links: What is the Automation feature? How to set up Automation? Transactional email vs Marketing email How to check statistics for each email within Automation? Deactivating or Editing an

  • Choose How To Send Your WordPress Website's Emails

    MailPoet can send your website's emails instead so these emails are not sent from your host. This is a good practice for deliverability. MailPoet entirely replaces common "SMTP plugins". Emails sent

  • MailPoet Premium Features

    While the free version of MailPoet offers a range of features, upgrading to a paid subscription plan unlocks several additional benefits that can significantly enhance your email marketing efforts.

  • Add CAPTCHA to your Website's Forms

    CAPTCHA is an effective tool that can help protect your website's security by blocking automated spam attacks through your forms can. These attacks can lead to significant problems, including data

  • Places to Check for Email Addresses in Settings

    While setting up MailPoet, there are a variety of different places you enter email addresses. Your FROM address is one of the primary ones you configure, however there are a number of other locations

  • First Steps After Installing the Plugin

    Welcome to MailPoet! After installing our plugin, you're ready to go, but where do you start? In this article, we'll discuss steps you can take to begin configuring MailPoet and the various features

  • Instructions to Activate your MailPoet Key

    After you have subscribed to a MailPoet plan, you will receive a license key to activate the MailPoet Sending Service on your site, and the Premium version of the plugin for paid plans. Quick Links

  • Case #2: Consolidated Company

    Use Case Example A solid business that provides personalized wellness services, such as massage therapy and yoga classes, wants to improve internal communication and employee engagement while

  • What Happens When the MailPoet Sending Service is Paused for My Account?

    If the MailPoet Sending Service has been paused for your account due to our Anti-Spam policy, it means that the sending service is paused for ALL websites under the same account. While the account is

  • MailPoet Email Templates

    In MailPoet, we offer more than 20 responsive templates and you can also create your own based on a predefined template and save it as a custom one. Here's how to access the Templates page: 1. Go to

  • Segmenting Post Notification According to Categories

    By categorizing your posts and setting up subscription preferences, you can create custom mailing lists and send Post Notifications ensuring that your audience receives the most relevant updates.

  • Reducing Database Size for MailPoet Tables

    It is common for customers to contact us with inquiries about the size of the MailPoet database. Database usage will be highly dependent on your plugin's usage and will grow as your list grows over

  • [FAQ] The Free Version 1,000 Subscribers Limit

    You can subscribe to our free Starter plan up to 1,000 subscribers and send all your emails with our own sending service for free! 1. Why does this limit exist? We've kept most of MailPoet free and

  • MailPoet Plugin Feature Overview

    Welcome to MailPoet! After installing our plugin, you're ready to go. But where do you start? In this article, we will explain the role of each one of our plugin's pages and options, so you know

  • Best Practices for Sending Marketing Emails

    Quick links: 1. Make sure you have your subscribers' permission to send them emails 2. List hygiene 3. Authenticate your domain 4. Secure your forms 5. Secure your website 6. Ensure your admin email

  • [FAQ] New Pricing Restructure March/2022

    On March 1st, 2022, we’ll be introducing some changes to our current plans, licenses, and pricing structure. Here's where you can find the answers to some questions you may have about it. What

  • Reconfirm Subscribers to Your List

    This is a standard practice to avoid hard bounces (invalid or unused addresses) and spam complaints to preserve your reputation as a sender. This applies to all lists, even those with just 100

  • Authorizing FROM Email Addresses

    Sending emails with the MailPoet Sending Service requires you to use a real and valid email address that belongs to you. This means that if you are sending with the MailPoet Sending Service, you need

  • Settings > The Advanced Tab

    Going beyond the Basics, the Advanced tab is where you can configure more complex options and functionality to decide how you want MailPoet to work behind the scenes. 1. Bounce email address MailPoet

  • Guide to Conform to GDPR

    Important: you do not need to reconfirm all your subscribers. A few software providers, including MailChimp, have erroneously recommended this and even built tools for this purpose. If your

  • Automation Triggers

    When creating an Automation, choosing a trigger is the first step. Your workflow will hinge upon which trigger you decide to use, whether it is an abandoned cart or an order status change in your

  • Inactive Subscribers Feature

    Quick links: How MailPoet determines inactive subscribers Why doesn't MailPoet send an email notification before marking users as Inactive? How this helps your deliverability How to delete inactive

  • MailPoet Plans and Limits Explained

    When you install the MailPoet plugin, you can use it for free up to 1,000 subscribers without creating an account with us or subscribing to any plans. Quick Links Why subscribe to a MailPoet plan?

  • Case #3: Publisher

    Use Case Example A publisher writes about healthy habits and beauty. They want to grow their audience and increase website traffic to increase monetization by ads and having people signing up for