WooCommerce Automatic Emails

If you have the WooCommerce plugin installed, you can set automated emails to be sent to your customer's list.

WooCommerce Automatic emails created with MailPoet will be sent only to "Subscribed" usersIf they're still "Unconfirmed", the email will be scheduled but not sent until they confirm their subscription via email (if double opt-in is enabled).

Also,  the emails will be triggered only if the order status is "Processing" or "Completed".

Currently, we have four options available:

Abandoned Shopping Cart

You can send an email to a customer after they add an item(s) to their cart but don't complete the checkout process:

You can set up as many abandoned cart emails as you like with different delays. We recommend setting up 3 abandoned cart emails. Read our complete guide.

If a customer makes a purchase after the first or second email, subsequent emails will be cancelled.

If the customer returns to their cart to complete their purchase while any of your notification emails are set up, those emails will be automatically disabled. This ensures customers won’t inadvertently receive a cart recovery email from you when they’ve already made a purchase.

You can send recovery emails to guest users who are also subscribers on your email list, even if they’re not logged into your site. As long as they’re subscribed to one of your lists and have clicked on a link in one of your previous campaigns, they’ll receive an abandoned cart email!

Guest users won't receive this email unless they are subscribed to one of your lists.

First Purchase

Send an automated email to a customer after they've done their first purchase:

Purchased in This Category

Send an automated email to a customer when they make their first purchase in a specified category:

Purchase This Product

Send an automated email to a customer when they make their first purchase of a specific product:

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