Guide to Subscriber Segmentation

MailPoet allows customers to create the following segments of subscribers in MailPoet > Lists > Segments tab:

  • WordPress user roles
  • Email actions (opens or clicked links)
  • WooCommerce: purchased product X
  • WooCommerce: purchased product category 

Note: canceled and incomplete WooCommerce orders from customers do not show in the Segments list.

Segment update

Segments are dynamic lists, so after you've created a segment, this segment will be updated automatically. 

It means that if someone clicks on a link after the segment has been created, they will be automatically added to the segment.

It's not possible to set up and send Welcome Emails to Segments.

Send to specific WordPress user roles

You can send to specific WordPress user roles:

  • Administrator
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Editor
  • Any custom role you have created, for example, Customer, Subscriber, Shop manager...

Send to Specific Email Actions (Open or Clicks)

You can create segments of subscribers by users that opened, clicked or not on a specific link, or didn't open a newsletter.

You should select an action and then the Newsletter from which the data will be pulled from:

If you selected  clicked or not clicked as an action, you can specify the exact link you want to have the data:

After having the Segment created, you can send a new Newsletter to these specific subscribers, adding it just like you do with Lists:

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