Sharing Your Data with Us

As a MailPoet user, you can share anonymous data to help us improve the plugin. You can enable the data sharing option from the backend of your site in  MailPoet > Settings > Advanced.

Why do we need data? We use this data to build a better plugin. For example, these are the questions that we try to answer: what options do you use? What types of emails do you send, etc. We don't share data with other parties or resell it, as per our Privacy Notice page (GDPR compliant). 

Data we don't gather:

  1. Any personal data
  2. Subscriber email addresses
  3. Login and passwords
  4. Content of your emails
  5. Open and click rates

The data we collect:

  1. Total of emails sent 
  2. Number of lists
  3. Number of forms
  4. Number of subscribers (confirmed, unconfirmed, unsubscribed)
  5. Number of Welcome Emails and Post Notifications that are active
  6. Version of WordPress, PHP, MailPoet and MailPoet Premium 
  7. Plugins installed (ie, WooCommerce)
  8. Language of your WordPress
  9. MailPoet Settings
  10. WooCommerce:
    1. General store data, such as products, number of customers, etc.
    2. Gross revenue per month
    3. Revenue per email sent
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