Cookies Used by MailPoet

MailPoet uses cookies in a variety of ways:

Form Dismissal

  • `popup_form_dismissed` cookie is used to remember if a subscription form was dismissed. The cookie is set to expire after the number of days specified in the Show form every setting for each form. 

Engagement and WooCommerce Tracking

  • `mailpoet_revenue_tracking` cookie tracks subscribers who clicked a link in an email and made a purchase within 14 days. This functionality is used to calculate WooCommerce Revenues.
  • `mailpoet_subscriber` replaced `mailpoet_abandoned_cart_tracking` starting from MailPoet 3.76.0 and is used for Abandoned Cart emails. This cookie is set to not expire.
  • `mailpoet_page_view` cookie to correctly calculate subscriber's engagement and identify Inactive Subscribers. This cookie is set to not expire.

To use the Engagement and WooCommerce cookies, enable "Engagement analytics tracking" by going to the  MailPoet > Settings > Advanced.... and selecting "Full" :

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