Reconfirm Subscribers to Your List

Are you sending for the first time to your contacts with MailPoet instead of your personal inbox? Or perhaps you're sending for the first time in a year?

In these cases, you will need to reconfirm with your subscribers that they want to receive your emails first.

This is a standard practice to avoid hard bounces (invalid or unused addresses) and spam complaints to preserve your reputation as a sender. This applies to all lists, even those with just 100 subscribers. 
You risk having your emails ending up in the spambox otherwise.

When is reconfirmation necessary?

  1. You want to start sending newsletters to your contacts for the first time instead of using your personal or professional email account;
  2. You want to email professional contacts with MailPoet instead of your professional inbox, like customers you've had for several years;
  3. You want to email your WooCommerce customers for the first time;
  4. You haven't sent any emails to a mailing list in over a year.

Steps to reconfirm your subscribers on your list

It takes just a few minutes to ask your contacts to join your list and confirm that they really want to receive your emails with MailPoet.

1. Create a new list

In your WordPress admin, go to MailPoet > Lists, and click on "Add New":

Name your list, such as " Newsletter subscribers", and click "Save". The list's name is public, so make sure you give it a name that makes sense to your subscribers.

2. Create a new form

Go to MailPoet > Forms, and click on "Add new":

Name your form to " Reconfirmation" (this name is not public). Pick the list you just created in the Settings of the form. Click "Save":

Now, copy the shortcode in the Form Placement tab:

3. Create a new page and add your form to it

Create a new page by going to Pages and click on "Add new". Name this page " Join our mailing list".
Add the MailPoet form to this page by pasting the shortcode in the body of your page:

In our example above, the page looks like this for our visitors:

4. Email your contacts a link to this page

From your personal inbox (and not from MailPoet), send an email to your contacts with a link to this page. For example:

4A. Alternatively, send an email with MailPoet, but with your host

You can design this email in MailPoet and send it to your list, but simply not with the MailPoet Sending Service.

Instead, use your host as the sender:

What to expect?
You can expect anything from 10% to more than half your contacts signing up depending on how close you are to your contacts, how old your relationship is with them, and how many contacts you have.
You might want to email your contacts twice in a week to make sure your recipients have had the chance to read your email and join your list.
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