Places to Check for Email Addresses in Settings

While setting up MailPoet, there are a variety of different places you enter email addresses. Your FROM address is one of the primary ones you configure, however there are a number of other locations as well. On top of that, you can also set different email addresses on individual emails as well.

In case you decide to change the address you want to use for sending, or if you are getting messages about issues with your email address (whether within the plugin itself, or from our systems/support), it's helpful to know where to check and update your address(es). This document will help you find all the places to look.

In the Settings

  • Default Sender — "From" and "Reply-to" fields under MailPoet > Settings > Basics
  • Stats Notifications — under MailPoet > Settings > Basics
  • New Subscriber Notifications — under MailPoet > Settings > Basics
  • Test the sending method — under MailPoet > Settings > Send with... If you are using a third-party sending method, you can enter an email address for testing the sending method
  • Bounce email address — under MailPoet > Settings > Advanced

Individual Emails

When creating an email, on the final step ("Send" for newsletters, and "Activate" for others), you can enter Sender (From) and Reply-to addresses to use for that specific email. If you are having trouble sending due to the email address being used, and you've already updated the address in your settings, make sure to check the specific email you are trying to send as well:

Other Site Emails

If you have the "Send all site’s emails with..." setting configured to send all of your site's emails via MailPoet's sending method (set under MailPoet > Settings > Advanced), then there are a number of other places you may need to check for the email address you want to change.

The "Administrator Email Address" under Settings > General would be an important one to check. If you are using WooCommerce on your site, then the '"From" address' under WooCommerce > Settings > Emails is another spot.

From there, it will depend on the specific plugins you are using on your site, and possibly your theme as well. Different plugins/themes may include options for an email address where you want to receive notifications and updates. In this case, you'll need to check your active plugins to make sure addresses have been changed there as well.

In the Database

Sometimes, if an email has already been scheduled and added to the sending queue, then updating the address in your settings or on the email will not resolve the issue since the email is already saved in the database with the incorrect address.

In this case, if you are comfortable with databases, you can use a plugin such as WP phpMyAdmin to access your database and search for the email address that is causing the issue. We always recommend making sure you have a complete backup of the site/database before making any changes like this. If you are unsure about accessing your database, then your hosting company should be able to help search your database and update the bad email address.

The following SQL query will check the sender and reply-to addresses in your scheduled newsletters — just replace with the address you are searching for, and "wp" in the table name if your site is using a different prefix for database tables:

SELECT * FROM `wp_mailpoet_newsletters` WHERE (`sender_address` LIKE '' OR `reply_to_address` LIKE '') AND `status` LIKE 'scheduled'
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