Integration with AutomateWoo

MailPoet integrates with AutomateWoo to make managing a subscriber list and consents easier between the two. 

  1. In AutomateWoo, there are two actions: Add a customer to a MailPoet list or Remove a customer from a MailPoet list.
  2. AutomateWoo can leverage marketing consent from MailPoet and can send non-transactional emails to these contacts. 
  3. New opt-ins and opt-outs are automatically synced. This works both ways.
  4. There is only a single opt-in checkbox on the checkout page handled by MailPoet, which send the information also to AutomateWoo. 

A note on Woo Express

MailPoet and AutomateWoo are included in the Woo Express offering. To make the user experience smoother, MailPoet automations are disabled in favor of AutomateWoo's automation - this includes the Automations menu item and WooCommerce emails in the Emails section. If you'd prefer to use MailPoet automations, there are three options:

  1. Disable AutomateWoo.
  2. Upgrade your MailPoet plan to a higher tier. 
  3. Use the mailpoet_show_automations filter to enable MailPoet automations. 
    1. add_filter('mailpoet_show_automations', '__return_true');
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