MailPoet Acquired by WooCommerce: Your Questions Answered

On December 7 2020, MailPoet was acquired by WooCommerce. We understand that our existing customers may have some questions regarding how this acquisition affects their experience of using MailPoet, which we’ve answered below.

1. What will happen to my MailPoet plan?

You'll be able to continue to use your MailPoet plan as normal. No changes are being made to MailPoet's functionality or the structure of our plans at the moment.

The only change to be aware of right now is our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

2. I don't use WooCommerce, will I still be able to use MailPoet?

Yes! MailPoet will continue to be available for all WordPress users; regardless of whether they have a WooCommerce store or not.

3. What will happen to my data?

Your data will be governed by the new Privacy Policy.

4. Will your refund policy remain the same?


5. Will I still be able to access MailPoet Support?

Absolutely. Support will still be available through the Knowledge Base, Support Forums, and if you're a paying user, via the blue chat icon in the plugin.

6. Are any features changing?

There will be no immediate change to MailPoet's features.

7. Will MailPoet continue to be updated?

Yes, the team will continue to update and improve the MailPoet plugin, with a focus on WooCommerce functionality and features.

8. Will the roadmap on change?

We anticipate a slight delay whilst we go through the acquisition process. We'll update the roadmap when we have a clearer idea of the expected delay.

9. I use the MailPoet Sending Service, will my emails continue to be sent that way, or will they be sent by WooCommerce?

The MailPoet Sending Service will continue to work as your sending method.

If you use your own sending method (e.g. your host or an SMTP plugin), you'll be able to continue using this method.

10. Will prices go up?

No, our pricing structure will remain the same for now.

11. Will my subscription renew at the end of my current subscription period?

Yes, the billing process will remain exactly the same.

12. I have an AppSumo Lifetime License; will it continue to work?

Yes! WooCommerce will be honoring all existing AppSumo licenses.

13. I'm an affiliate, what does this mean for me?

Thanks for being a part of our affiliate program! The program will not be changing, and you'll be able to continue to earn a commission for your referrals.

14. What will happen to the MailPoet team?

The whole team will continue to work on MailPoet, but will now be a part of the much larger team at WooCommerce.

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