Authorizing FROM Email Addresses

Sending emails with the MailPoet Sending Service requires you to use a real and valid email address that belongs to you. This means that if you are sending with the MailPoet Sending Service, you need to authorize your email addresses used as the Sender to prevent phishing or email spoofing (e.g., sending emails as

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How to authorize an email address

Click on the " Authorize your email in your account now" button or simply go to your MailPoet account My Authorized Emails tab and add the email address you want to use as the FROM address to be authorized to send your newsletters. You can add as many addresses as you will use to send your emails from.
After doing it, check your inbox. You should receive an email with a "Confirm authorization" link to click on and confirm you requested to authorize this email address:

Note: If you don't receive this email, please try to remove the email address from the account by clicking on the Trash icon and re-adding it. If you still don't receive it, please get in touch with us.

You will be redirected to your MailPoet account and now you're ready to use this email address.

How to authorize your sender domain

Instead of authorizing email addresses individually, you can use the email addresses from your authorized sender domain. 

After authorizing your sender domain, you can use any email address with this domain as your From email address.

Here's a link where we explain how to authorize your sender domain.

Sending from an email address not authorized

If you try to send using an email address that is not in your list of authorized addresses in your account, sending will be paused and you may see this notification on the  Emails page:

Also, visitors that try to subscribe through your MailPoet subscription forms won't be able to do it, and this message will be displayed:

Here are the things to check in this case:

  1. Ensure that this FROM address is authorized in your MailPoet account;
  2. Check that the key you're using in the MailPoet > Settings > Key Activation belongs to the same account where your FROM address is authorized;
  3. Check your existing MailPoet emails for the FROM address that is not authorized (including Post Notification, Welcome Emails, and WooCommerce emails);
  4. Make sure you have updated the FROM address in your Settings > Basics tab >Default sender":

Authorizing free addresses

Starting in February 2024, Google and Yahoo are implementing new sender requirements to offer more secure email with less spam. While these changes were previously considered best practices, starting February 1st they are becoming requirements. The first of those requirements is to:

  • Stop using shared 3rd-party email address domains and as your “From” email address for your marketing campaigns, and instead use your site’s branded domain.

These requirements are essential for maintaining your email marketing efforts’ effectiveness and trustworthiness. They're not just about following new rules but about evolving with the digital landscape to ensure your emails reach your audience successfully. It's crucial to understand the implications of not adapting to these new guidelines. Non-compliance could result in:

  • Decreased email delivery rates: Your emails might start landing in the spam folder or may not be delivered at all, significantly diminishing your reach and impact.
  • Damaged sender reputation: Non-compliance can harm your sender reputation, making it harder for your emails to reach your audience in the future, even beyond Google and Yahoo recipients.
  • Potential email blockage: In severe cases, repeated non-compliance might lead to your emails being blocked by major email service providers.

So, please review this tutorial and update your sending details.

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