Guide to WooCommerce Revenue

When a user clicks on a MailPoet email and makes a purchase within 2 weeks, the email gets credited for this sale.

This works for all email types, for example, standard newsletters and WooCommerce automatic emails.  

Please note that the order should be marked as processing (eg. payment has been processed).

The total revenue is calculated by the sum of the order totals including shipping and taxes.

Premium users will be able to view those revenue metrics on the detailed stats page:

We will only display the amount of revenue made in the main currency set in WooCommerce settings.

How is it tracked?

MailPoet track your subscribers with one of two methods: 

  • the standard click tracking MailPoet uses to measure your open and click rates;
  • a new MailPoet cookie, which can track customers after they click a link in an email without them needing to login at your shop.

Note: For this feature to work properly, you need to have the Open and click tracking option enabled on MailPoet's Settings > Advanced tab or enable the MailPoet Cookie when the modal pop up after you update to MailPoet Version 3.34.0.

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