The WooCommerce Customers list

The WooCommerce Customers list is a list automatically created by MailPoet with all of your WooCommerce customers. It also includes " Guest" customers.

This list  does count towards the 1,000 subscribers limit of the free version of MailPoet, just like the WordPress Users list.

This feature was launched on May 21st, 2019 (MailPoet Version 3.26.1) and all the users that updated the plugin must have seen this screen:

In order to be fully GDPR compliant, users should choose if they wanted to add the customers as "Subscribed" or "Unsubscribed"to the WooCommerce Customers list. Only then it was possible to proceed.

Note: this list can not be deleted and the customers added to the WooCommerce Customers list can not be removed from this list or from the MailPoet plugin.

To change their subscription status, you can go to the  MailPoet > Settings > WooCommerce tab:

  • By checking the "Subscribe old WooCommerce customers" option, customers will be listed as "Subscribed".
  • If you want to mark them all as "Unsubscribed", uncheck this option and save settings. Then go to MailPoet > Lists and force sync the WooCommerce Customers list. Once they're listed as "Unsubscribed", they won't be counted towards the subscriber's list and won't receive any email from you.
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