Adding a Discount Coupon to Emails

Including a discount coupon in newsletters is a simple yet effective marketing strategy that can increase customer loyalty, boost email engagement, drive sales, create a sense of urgency, and attract new customers to your business.

Adding a coupon is now possible in the MailPoet Email Editor, let's get started!

Requirements to use the coupon widget

  1. Install and activate WooCommerce on your site.
  2. Enable the use of Coupon codes in WooCommerce. Go to:  WooCommerce > Settings > General > Enable coupons. Then, tick the checkbox to Enable the use of coupon codes. You can find the detailed steps in this WooCommerce guide.

Adding a discount coupon to your MailPoet emails

The first step is adding the Coupon Widget to the Editor in the desired location.

After adding it to the editor, by clicking on the "cog" icon, you'll see the Settings options for it. At this point, you will be able to select an already existing coupon (if you have any) or create a new one directly from here.

1. Selecting an Existing Coupon

If you have already created a coupon that you want to use in your email, you will be able to use the Search box, and to use the Discount type dropdown to filter the results.

2. Creating a New Coupon

If you haven't already created the coupon, you can create it right here in the editor:

It's possible to choose from:  percentage discount, fixed cart discount, or fixed product discount. You'll also be able to set the settings for usage restrictions and usage limits.

Please note: The coupon expiry days refer to the number of days when the coupon is valid.

You can find the detailed steps and the list of all the different options for the discount types in this WooCommerce guide.

Single Coupon vs. Specific Coupon

Automatic emails (e.g., Welcome Email, WooCommerce emails, Post Notifications) generate a unique new coupon for each email sent to an individual subscriber. For instance:  KIFGW22W is a coupon that would be unique for each subscriber. 
When editing the email, it's expected that you'll see  xxx-xxx-xxx for the coupon code in the email content editor, as this is a placeholder for the real coupons that will be individually generated for each new subscriber.
After the emails are sent and the unique coupons are generated, you can see them created on the WooCommerce > Coupons page.

For Standard Newsletters, the same generated coupon code (e.g., Holidays2023) will be sent to several subscribers (a list). 

Styling the Coupon

Once the coupon has been selected, it's time to style it up by clicking on the Display Options link.

Please note that you can apply the selected style to all the coupons by clicking on the Apply styles to all coupons button.

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