What Happens When the MailPoet Sending Service is Paused for My Account?

If the MailPoet Sending Service has been paused for your account due to our Anti-Spam policy, it means that the sending service is paused for ALL websites under the same account.

While the account is paused, if you keep the MailPoet Sending Service as your active sending method, you'll see a notification about it when trying to send a newsletter, but other features will be paused too:

1. Subscription Forms

 the subscription form will show an error message to the subscribers:

Something went wrong with your subscription. Please contact the website owner.

They will be added to your List, however, the confirmation email won't be sent, so their status will be "Unconfirmed".

You should manually re-send the confirmation email once the sending service is restored, or when changing the sending method to "Other".

2. Notification Emails

Notification emails such as "New subscriber" and "Stats" notifications won't be sent.

3. Transactional Emails

If you've selected the MailPoet Sending Service as your sending option to send the WordPress transactional emails, these emails will be sent with your host as a fallback method. It includes notifications from third-party plugins, WooCommerce emails, WordPress emails (password reset and comments notifications), etc.

How to fix it?

Please note you can still use the plugin and all the Premium features, however, you'll need to change the sending method to "Other" instead of "MailPoet Sending Service" in the MailPoet Settings Send With... tab and continue to send your emails via third-party sending method.

And if you want to restore the MailPoet Sending Service for your account, just contact our Support Team and we will review your account.

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