Pending Approval Subscription

This is a standard security procedure that applies to all new accounts and upgrades to large plans.

Once you subscribe to a MailPoet sending plan, you'll see a survey on your MailPoet 3 account with 3 questions to be answered.

After submitting the answers, the subscription will be reviewed by our team to be approved or not. You should receive an email from us once it's been approved.

What happens while the subscription is pending approval?

While the subscription is pending approval, you will be allowed to:

You can add a MailPoet subscription form to your website, however, new subscribers will see this notification after signing-up:

You'll soon be able to send once our team reviews your account. In the meantime, you can send previews to your authorized emails.

They will be added to your MailPoet list as "Unconfirmed" and won't receive the confirmation email, as the sending is not active yet.

You can simply resend the confirmation email by following the steps listed here.

If you want to send emails and have the forms working while the subscription is pending approval, you should select a third-party sending method (Other) in MailPoet > Settings > The Send With Tab.

Subscription is still pending approval after 48h: what to do?

  • If you received the confirmation email from our team that your subscription has been approved but you're still seeing the message about the pending subscription, please go to the MailPoet's Settings > Key Activation tab and click on the "Verify" button again to update the status of the subscription;
  • If you've answered our pre-approval questions in order to get the plan approved, please be patient and wait for our support team to contact you;
  • If you don't see any questions to be answered or if you haven't received any message from us after 48h, please contact our support team via email.
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