Why Enable Signup Confirmation (Double Opt-in)

Signup confirmation, often called "double opt-in", ensures your subscribers willingly joined your email list. If you don't use double-opt-in, you're more likely to end up in the spam folder.

Important: signup confirmation is enforced if you send with the MailPoet Sending Service. 

3 Reasons to Use Email Confirmation

  1. Avoid fake emails entered by evil robots
  2. Filter out mistyped and misspelled emails
  3. Get subscribers that actually open your emails

This last point is important. You should think about your audience in terms of quantity over quality. The aim is to increase your open rate, not simply increase your subscriber count.

Convinced that signup confirmation is important? Read on.

When Signup Confirmation is Enabled, Unconfirmed Subscribers Won't Receive Any Emails

Until a subscriber confirms his/her subscription, he/she won't receive any emails.

Over 25% of My Subscribers Are Unconfirmed!

Don't sweat it. It's normal to have plenty of unconfirmed subscribers.

If your mailing list is for an older generation of people or for a group of non-computer users, there's a good chance that your unconfirmed rate will be 30% or more. This is normal.

Tip: Make sure your confirmation email's subject is a call-to-action. Read our guide to writing a great subject line.

  • A good example: Almost there... activate your subscription! 
  • A bad example: We've registered your subscription, thank you.

How Do I Resend the Confirmation Email?

Go to MailPoet >  Subscribers page and select all the subscribers under the  Unconfirmed filter ;
Click on each subscriber to resend the confirmation email individually. 

Changing the Content of the Confirmation Email

You can change the details of the confirmation email on the Signup Confirmation tab on the Settings page of the MailPoet plugin:

Note: The Sender's settings for the sign-up confirmation (From and Reply-to) will follow the ones set on the Settings Basics tab.

Disabling the Confirmation Email

There are a few reasons for disabling the confirmation email:

  • Your audience may be unfamiliar with computers and email technology
  • Your audience may not be online on a regular basis. When they get online, your confirmation email is lost in their inbox.
  • Even worse, your confirmation emails are labeled as spam and never show up in the inbox.
  • Your site is a membership site and you only send to your WordPress users.
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