List Cleaning Services

Important: list cleaning services will not remove email addresses that are no longer used, which makes them useful but not entirely reliable.

When you send to invalid emails they bounce. It means you'll get low open and click rates, conversion rates, and also will have your reputation as a sender hurt.

If you're sending with MailPoet Sending Service, your account may be downgraded and even suspended if the Bounce Management detects a high number of bounces coming from your lists.

To prevent this from happening, we strongly suggest that you clean your subscribers' lists using one of the services below before sending for the first time:

These services will help you detect emails with invalid syntax and/or can’t be accurately validated. By doing this, you'll increase the sender reputation, deliverability and conversion rate of your emails by sending them only to real people. However, they won't find or solve ongoing audience issues, like spam complaints, spam traps, or blacklists. There's no guarantee your list will be 100% clear.

To ensure this, the best option is to simply reconfirm your subscribers.

If you already have a MailPoet subscribers list, here's what you'd need to do:

Export all your subscribes and ran that list through a   list cleaning service;

Delete all your existing MailPoet subscribers;

Re-import only emails verified as valid by the list cleaning service you have used, back into your MailPoet.

Most list cleaning services do not remove invalid addresses for you. They'll validate the list, and expect that you remove those addresses yourself.

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