Choosing Your MailPoet Plan

MailPoet Free version

When you install the MailPoet plugin, you can use it for free up to 1,000 subscribers.

It means you don't need to create an account or subscribe to any plan if you simply have less than 1,000 subscribers and want to send using your own host or a third-party sending service, such as SendGrid for example.

If you want to try our own sending service as your sending method, you can subscribe to our free sending plan up to 1,000 subscribers. And as a bonus, this plan includes the Premium features for free!

You can subscribe to a max of two free sending plans per MailPoet 3 account.

MailPoet Premium version

If you have more than 1,000 subscribers, you'll need a Premium license. You have two options:

1. Subscribe to a MailPoet sending plan

Subscribe to a MailPoet sending plan and send your emails with us. Our sending plans are according to the number of subscribers you have. 

Simply move the toggle to see the prices for each plan on

You can subscribe to a monthly plan or an annual plan. All subscriptions will be automatically renewed by the end of the current billing period, but you can set the plan to be canceled at any time. 

Don't know how many subscribers you have? Please check this article on how to find it out.

2. Send with your own sending method to unlimited subscribers

If you're interested in the Premium with no sending, you can purchase a Premium-only license to send to more than 1,000 subscribers with your own host or third party. 

The Blogger plan is a Premium license for a single domain and it doesn't include the MailPoet Sending Service. It unlocks the subscriber's limit so you can send to unlimited subscribers using your own sending method ("Other").

The Freelancer plan is a Premium license that allows you to install the Premium version of the plugin on 4 different domains, and the Agency license allows you to do it for unlimited websites.

The Freelancer and the Agency licenses include a small sending plan for 1,000 subscribers, so if you have a list with less than 1,000 subscribers, you can activate the MailPoet Sending Service on a website associated with a key from these licenses.

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