How to Change the Domain Associated with a Key

You can change the website associated with your plan's activation key by going to the "My Subscriptions" tab of your MailPoet account dashboard.

Note: if your MailPoet plan is bundled as part of a hosting plan from, then you will not be able to change the associated domain for your plan. Changes to the site domain should automatically update the MailPoet license as well.

Once inside your account, click on the Upgrade, cancel or reset domain link to manage your subscription:

Remove the existing domain from the activation key by clicking the "Disconnect" button:

Confirm you want to remove this domain from the license by clicking the "Yes, disconnect my website" button:

Then the key will be available to be activated again on a new website or for a new domain address:

Go to your MailPoet > Settings > Key Activation tab and add it to the MailPoet Activation Key field (see our guide here for details):

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