The WordPress Users List

MailPoet automatically creates a special list called WordPress Users. This list contains all of the existing WordPress user accounts on your website. This is especially useful if you run an eCommerce store or a membership-based website and want to send e-mail newsletters to your customers/members.

The WordPress Users list does count towards the 1,000 subscribers limit of the free version of MailPoet. For example, if you have 1 "regular" subscriber and 1,000 WordPress users, you'll need to upgrade to Premium in order to send.

Please note: Since version 3.31.0 released on July 2nd, 2019, WordPress users are added as "Unconfirmed" to the WordPress Users List, so they can opt-in to join your subscriber's list and receive newsletters from you. You can simply resend the confirmation email by following the steps listed here.

How to Remove Users from this List

This list or its subscribers cannot be deleted from MailPoet. If you wish to remove them, delete them as WordPress users:

How to Force Sync WordPress Users

If you think the number of subscribers inside this list doesn't match the number of your existing WordPress user accounts, you can force a resynchronization by clicking on the Force Sync link when hovering over the WordPress Users list name:

How to Disable Registration via WordPress form

To disable registration as a WordPress User on your website, you need to go to your WordPress dashboard > Settings > General and uncheck the Membership option "Anyone can register":

How to Protect Your Website Against Fake or Spammy WordPress Users

It's quite common to see bots register fake users to a WordPress website. If you send MailPoet emails to the list "WordPress Users", it's important to ensure there are no fake emails as this will deteriorate the quality of your list and spam filters might start blocking you.

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