Subscriber's Limit for Sending Plans

If you're subscribed to a MailPoet Sending Service plan, you have a limit for the number of unique recipients you can send to.

You can see what's your subscriber's limit by going to the MailPoet > Subscribers page:

The first number is the total of subscribed, unconfirmed and inactive subscribers we count when you are sending with MailPoet Sending Service. 

The second is the total of all subscribers excluding all WordPress users.

How the subscriber's limit is calculated?

Since we charge our customers by the number of subscribers they have on their MailPoet's lists, it does not matter to our service if you are just sending to a list with just a few subscribers. All of them with the status " Subscribed", "Inactive" and "Unconfirmed" are used to calculate your total number of subscribers.

This is also valid for users added to the WordPress Users list and the WooCommerce Customers list, meaning they are counted as well. 

For example, if you have 1,000 confirmed MailPoet subscribers and 2 confirmed WordPress users, your total  subscriber count will be 1002.

The count excludes unsubscribed and bounced (invalid) email addresses.

What happens when you reach the subscriber's limit for your plan? 

Once you reach the subscriber's limit for your current sending plan, you will see a warning message like this:

You'll also receive an email notifying that you had exceeded your subscribers limit. If you don't take any action, sending will be disabled and you'll be shown a page to upgrade

Visitors to your site can still sign up for your newsletters, but they won't receive the confirmation email to confirm their subscription. 

You can continue to delete and import additional subscribers by accessing the  MailPoet > Subscribers page.

Please note the subscriber's limit for your sending plan remains the same regardless of the sending method you're using.

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