Subscriber's Limit for Plans

All MailPoet plans have a limit on the number of unique recipients you can send to. Our free Starter plan is available for up to 1,000 subscribers, while each of our paid plans scale depending on the size of your mailing list. Your subscriber limit will depend on the specific plan that you purchase, starting from 500 subscribers and scaling up to 200,000 subscribers. For larger lists, please reach out to our support team to request a quote.

You can see your current total number of subscribers and your subscriber limit by going to the MailPoet > Subscribers page in your dashboard:

The total includes all subscribed, unconfirmed, and inactive subscribers, followed by the subscriber limit for the key/plan that you have activated on the site.

How is the subscriber limit calculated?

Since we charge our customers by the number of subscribers they have on their MailPoet's lists, it does not matter to our service if you are just sending to a list with just a few subscribers. All of them with the status " Subscribed", "Inactive" and "Unconfirmed" are used to calculate your total number of subscribers.

This is also valid for users added to the WordPress Users list and the WooCommerce Customers list, meaning they are counted as well. 

For example, if you have 1,000 confirmed MailPoet subscribers and 2 confirmed WordPress users, your total  subscriber count will be 1002.

The count excludes unsubscribed and bounced (invalid) email addresses.

Also note that MailPoet does not double-count your subscribers, regardless of how many segments/lists they are in.

This means that if you have one subscriber on your entire list, and that single subscriber is added to three segments or different lists, you will see that each segment or list has one subscriber in it, but your total "All Subscribers" will show only the one subscriber.

What happens when you reach the subscriber's limit for your plan? 

Once you reach the subscriber's limit for your current sending plan, you will see a warning message like this:

You'll also receive an email notifying you that you had exceeded your subscribers limit. If you don't take any action, sending will be disabled and, if you're a Premium user, access to Premium features will be disabled as well.

Visitors to your site can still sign up for your newsletters, but they won't receive the confirmation email to confirm their subscription. You can continue to delete and import additional subscribers by accessing the  MailPoet > Subscribers page.

Please note the subscriber's limit for your sending plan remains the same regardless of the sending method you're using.

How to restore the sending once you've reached the subscriber's limit?

In order to proceed, you'll need to upgrade to a higher plan

Alternatively, you can manage your subscribers to keep the total below the limit your plan allows you to:

  • We suggest deleting the "Unconfirmed" subscribers older than 2 weeks and the "Inactive" subscribers since you're already not sending newsletters to them;
  • If you're not sending to WordPress Users, you can disable this list so WordPress Users are not counted towards your subscribers' number.
  • Instead of deleting subscribers, you can bulk mark them as "Unsubscribed" to keep your numbers below your plan's limit;
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