Create a Welcome Email

Attention: as of version 4.41.3 of the plugin, the legacy Welcome and WooCommerce emails were migrated to the new Automations page. If you are looking for your existing legacy emails, please check under MailPoet > Automations. If you are looking to create new ones, they should be created instead as Automations.

You can set up Welcome Emails to be automatically sent every time someone subscribes to a list through the subscription form or when a new WordPress user is added to your website in a specific role.

It's also possible to use the Welcome Email to create an automatic series of emails.

To read more about when the Welcome Email is sent, please read How to Send Welcome Emails to Users Manually Added to Lists.

If you're having issues with Welcome emails, ensure to go through the following guide: Troubleshooting Welcome Emails.

1. Select the type of newsletter

Go to  MailPoet > Emails and click on the "+ New Email" button:

From the types of campaigns, select the  Welcome Email option by clicking on the "Set up" button:

Then you can choose what will trigger the Welcome Email and how quickly you want to send it:  immediately or a certain number of hours, days, or weeks later.

2. Select a template

You'll then see the Templates page where you can choose a pre-defined template for your newsletter. 

3. Design

After you have finished designing your newsletter, you can click on the "Next" button if you're ready to move on to the last step page.

Please note you can also preview your newsletter before sending it, save it as a template, or just close the window if you don't want to take any action at the moment. The newsletter is autosaved, so everything will be saved as a Draft newsletter in the MailPoet > Emails > Latest Post Notification tab, and you can edit it at another time.

4. Activate it or save it as a draft

On the last step page, you can see all the settings related to your newsletter, including the ones you've set at the beginning:

If you click on the "Activate" button, all new subscribers from this moment on that match the settings will receive the Welcome Email.

You can also save the newsletter as a draft including the settings, or go back to the Design page to continue editing your template.

To make sure the Welcome Email is activated, you should go to  MailPoet > Emails Welcome Emails tab and check if it's listed as Active (status toggle should be orange):

You'll also be able to see how many Welcome Emails have been sent (and to who) and how many are scheduled to be sent.

Please note: If you have sign-up confirmation enabled, the Welcome Emails will be sent only after the subscriber confirms their subscription and have their status changed from "Unconfirmed" to "Subscribed". While they are listed as "Unconfirmed", Welcome Emails will be scheduled but not processed.

You can simply resend the confirmation email by following the steps listed here.

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