How to Create a Drip Campaign with Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails are automatic emails triggered when one of the following events occur:

  • Someone subscribes to a list;
  • A new WordPress user is added to your website in a specific role.

We have a general guide for creating Welcome emails available here.

It's possible to create an automated series of emails, allowing you to send each email at predetermined intervals after the trigger above. There's no need to manually write and send each one. This is a marketing strategy known as a drip campaign.

These drip campaigns are a follow-up method and help drive engagement from subscribers. You can create campaigns for educating users with a welcome or onboarding program, a training course, or a promotional campaign rewarding your best customers by sending freebies and coupons.

Setting It Up

Create a new email by going to MailPoet > Emails and clicking on the Add New button. Select the type of email you want to create: Welcome Email.

In the first step, you'll decide when you want to trigger this series of emails (i.e. new subscriber joining a specific list), and when you want this first email to be sent out (i.e. immediately, or after a delay, depending on your preferences):

After hitting "Next", you can choose a template to start with for your email in step 2, and design your email in step 3.

Finally, in Step 4 you would activate the email.  Please see our guide here for more detailed step-by-step instructions for creating a Welcome email.

With the first Welcome email in your Drip campaign complete, you would repeat the steps above for each of the following emails you want to go out in your campaign. Make sure the settings for the trigger are the same for each email, and just adjust the schedule/delay and the content of the email itself. To make it easier, you can Duplicate the first email from the email list page, and then edit the copy to change the timing and content:

Note that the timing of each email is relative to the trigger for the email (i.e. signing up), not relative to the previous email in the series. In other words, if you set an email to send "1 week later", it will be sent 1 week after the subscriber signs up, not 1 week after the previous email.

With your final email finished, you'll have a series of emails that will be automatically sent when that trigger action occurs!

For more tips, check out our article Improve Your Signup: Welcome Email.

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