How to Send Welcome Emails to Users Manually Added to Lists

At this moment, Welcome Emails are sent when: 

  • A visitor subscribes to a list via a subscription form on the website;
  • An admin edits a single subscriber and manually adds him to a list;
  • A third party adds subscribers via the API.

Note that Welcome Emails are not sent when:

  •  subscribers are imported;
  •  an admin does batch actions in the subscriber's listings.

Why was it designed like this?

The intended outcome (send a single welcome email to a batch of subscribers) is a one-off event and is  rarely  industrialized.

Also, MailPoet is simply avoiding users mistakenly sending welcome emails when managing their subscribers. Many users have numerous large lists which are prone to this scenario. 

How to Manually Adding Existing Site Members to A List 

*Note: This is a trick and is not a native function of the plugin. 

When manually adding users to a list, however, this welcome email will require a little more work. 

Let's say you have a group of members assigned to list A, and you'd like to manually add them to list B, and ensure they'll get a welcome email. 

Step 1: Create a third temporary list C

Step 2: Bulk add all applicable users you want to migrate from list A to list B to list C

Step 3: Save your existing Welcome Email as a new template

Step 4: Create a standard newsletter using this template and manually send the "welcome" email you created to list C 

Step 5: Finally move all subscribers from list C to list B

Step 6: Delete list C

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