Troubleshooting Welcome Emails

Here are a few things to check if you set up Welcome emails on your site, but they are not sent.

1) Welcome emails setup

Ensure that your Welcome emails are created properly by following this guide: Create a Welcome Email.

There are a few exceptions when Welcome emails are not sent when:

  •  subscribers are imported;
  •  an admin does batch actions in the subscriber's listings.

You can read more about it here: How to Send Welcome Emails to Users Manually Added to Lists.

2) Duplicate Welcome emails

A Welcome email is sent to each subscriber only once. Meaning that if a subscriber unsubscribes and then subscribes to the same list back, they won't receive a duplicate Welcome email. 

Although if you delete a subscriber from MailPoet, they will receive a Welcome email again if they re-subscribe.

3) Subscriber status

If you have sign-up confirmation enabled, the Welcome Emails will be sent only after the subscriber confirms their subscription and their status changes from "Unconfirmed" to "Subscribed". 

Once a subscriber confirms their subscription, the Welcome Email will be Scheduled (based on the configured delay for the email), and then sent out when that scheduled time arrives.  

Otherwise, if there is no delay configured, then the email will be added to the sending queue immediately after the subscriber confirms their subscription.

In order to get these "Unconfirmed" subscribers confirmed, you can resend the confirmation email to them by following these steps: How Do I Resend the Confirmation Email?

4) Task Scheduler

Check if your site can send emails and Task Scheduler is working properly: Sending Does Not Work.

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