How to be a Good Sender

For the first time you will send an email to your list, we strongly recommend to follow this checklist:

1. Make sure you have your subscriber's permission to send them emails

Not sure if you have your subscriber's permission to send them emails? The best solution is to simply reconfirm subscribers to your list before sending emails to them. This way, you'll make sure you're sending to people that will be happy to hear from you and will reduce the chances of spam reports.

We also have a complete checklist before importing that we urge you to carefully read.

Do not send to a purchased list! If you purchased an email list, you’re probably getting low open rates and high bounce rates, which may get your account suspended. Please refer to the checklist.

2. Be careful before importing subscribers

When sending with MailPoet Sending Service, users automatically have bounce management enabled. However, this is not a cleaning service, it is a feature to help you keep your lists clean.

When you have a list over 2 years old for example, is very likely many of the email addresses no longer exist. When you're manually adding subscribers by typing their addresses from somewhere else, there's a possibility you may make a typo when writing an email address. In both cases, these addresses will bounce and your account may be downgraded or even suspended by us if you're using the MailPoet Sending Service.

To  prevent this situation from happening, we recommend using services like BriteVerify or DataValidation before sending to your list.

For new users, we suggest always enabling sign-up confirmation to your subscription forms.

3. Check your SPF and DKIM records

Authentication issues can affect your deliverability and prevent some emails from being received, resulting in low open rates and also generating soft bounces. Please read more about it: Email Authentication: SPF and DKIM

You can simply use this tool to check your SPF and DKIM keys easily and prevent a deliverability issue.

4. Do not send emails too often

There's no rule when it comes to the right number of emails you should send and it varies according to your business. However, keep in mind that if you bombard your email list with emails, it may increase the number of unsubscribes and, even worse, can get your emails flagged as spam.

You will need to find your own sweet spot to set the ideal sending frequency.

5. Avoid sending to fake-sign ups subscribers

Fake signups can occur on any website mostly due to "bots" which are automated by hackers. 

You should protect your subscriptions forms by adding a captcha (also if you're using any third party form plugin integrated with MailPoet).

It's quite common to see bots register fake users to a WordPress website when you have enabled subscription through comments or in WordPress registration form. These fake users are then added to the default MailPoet list "WordPress Users". You can disable these options or read how to protect these forms as well by referring to some articles:

6. You don't want to be considered a spammer

You can be a legit user that doesn't intend to do anything wrong, however, your subscribers might think you’re sending email spam. Why and how could this happen? We have a very nice article about that: Am I a Spammer? 11 Signs You’re Sending Email Spam

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