Detailed Stats Explained

To see the detailed statistics page of each sent newsletter, you must have:

  • the MailPoet Premium plugin installed and activated; 
  • the "Engagement analytics tracking" enabled and set to "full" in MailPoet > Settings > Advanced tab.

To access it, you should click on the "Statistics" link or the numbers for overall opened/clicked rates on the Emails page.

Want to understand how are opened and clicked rates calculated? Read more about it here.

Detailed Statistics page

On this page, you'll see statistics about each sent newsletter: 

  • total number of subscribers the email was sent to, and to which lists it was sent to;
  • opened, machine-opened, clicked, unsubscribed, and bounced rates; 
    • note: "opened" represents emails opened by a human; for the overall open rate, "opened" and "machine-opened" should be added together
  • which email address was used as the From and Reply-to;
  • Preview in browser button;
  • date and time the newsletter was sent;
  • Google Analytics campaign name;
  • which subscribers have opened, clicked, unsubscribed.

And also detailed information for the statistics:

  • In the Clicked Links tab, the number of unique clicks is displayed for each link of your newsletter. 

  • In the Subscriber Engagement tab, you'll see who clicked, opened, unsubscribed or unopened your newsletter.

The  All engaged filter shows the total of Clicked + Opened rates.

The number for Clicked refers to how many clicks you have in total, and if you select this filter it's possible to see the subscriber's list and how many links they've clicked on.

By filtering by link clicked, you'll see the subscribers who clicked on that specific link.

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