Subscriber Tags

Attention: the Subscriber Tag feature is very new, and is still being developed with new functionality being added.  As that new functionality is released, this documentation will be updated. You can also check the plugin changelog for updates. To request specific tag-related enhancements/features, please add them to this In Progress request here.

Adding Tags to Subscribers

When editing a Subscriber or creating a new Subscriber, there will be a "Tag" field available in their profile. 

To add a new tag, you can type a name and then either hit "Enter" or comma, and the text will convert into a tag as shown here:

You can continue adding additional tags, pressing Enter or comma in between each one.

For existing tags that you've already added to other Subscribers, when you start typing the tag name, it will appear under the field where you can select it:

Once you've added all your tags, you can Save the Subscriber, and the tags will be displayed in the Subscriber list as shown below.  There is also a filter available to allow you to filter your list by tag:

Tagging Subscribers that Sign up via a Form

When configuring your subscription forms, you can set a tag or tags to assign to subscribers who sign up via that form. In the Form sidebar, there will be a Tags panel in the Form tab:

Tagging Subscribers on Import

When importing subscribers from a CSV file, there will also be an option to add tags to the imported subscribers. This can help you keep track of batches of subscribers that were all imported together.

Segmentation by Tag

After adding tags to your subscribers, you can create segments targeting those tags (see our full Guide to Subscriber Segmentation). This will allow you to create segments of all users that have certain tags, don't have certain tags, or combinations of different conditions:

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