Instructions to Activate your MailPoet Key

After you have subscribed to any MailPoet plan (either a Premium License or one of the available sending plans from our Sending Service) you will receive an activation key to activate the Premium features and/or the MailPoet sending method.

Here are the steps to validate your MailPoet activation key.

Make sure you have the latest version of MailPoet installed which is available as a free download:
Grab the  activation k ey from your account page here Once inside your account's dashboard, click on the "Manage" link and you'll see the key:
   Go to your WordPress dashboard > MailPoet > Settings > Key Activation tab, and add it to the field: 

Key activation will not work if your website is on a localhost environment, behind a firewall or if you're trying to activate the key for an IP address.

After your key has been validated, the MailPoet 3 Premium plugin will be automatically installed and the MailPoet Sending Service activated. No need to do anything else, it's all set!

You need to keep both  MailPoet 3 and MailPoet 3 Premium plugins installed and activated if you want to have access to the Premium features. If you have only the Premium plugin installed, the MailPoet plugin won't work.

Manually installing the MailPoet 3 Premium plugin

You'll be able to download the Premium plugin on your MailPoet account

Then go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New and click on the "Upload Plugin" button:

And upload the .zip file from the MailPoet 3 Premium plugin:

If you need further help, get in touch with us.

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