Known Errors When Validating a MailPoet Key

x Your key is not valid

Error validating MailPoet Sending Service key, please try again later (Contact your hosting support to check the connection between your host and

Error validating Premium key, please try again later (Contact your hosting support to check the connection between your host and
This happens when there's something preventing the key check from running as expected.

You should contact your host and ask them to "curl" from the server command line. Our bridge server only accepts secure connections over HTTPS, so the command should be:


This is a known problem with users using Altervista.

x Yikes, we can’t validate your key because:

• You’re on localhost or using an IP address instead of a domain. Not allowed for security reasons!
• Your host is blocking the activation, e.g. Altervista
• This website is on an Intranet. Activating MailPoet will not be possible.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to activate the key for an IP or if you're working locally.

Once the website is live and running, the key will work.

x Your key is not valid

Your MailPoet Sending Service key is already used on another site

Your Premium key is already used on another site.

You can only use one key per domain. If you have one key associated with one domain and want to use it on a different website, please follow these instructions: How to Change the Domain Associated with a key

If the key is associated with a www domain and you're no longer using www, you'll also need to follow these steps to reset the key and associate with the correct URL.

You'll soon be able to send once our team reviews your account. In the meantime, you can send previews to your authorized emails.

This message will show up while your subscription hasn't been approved manually by our team. If you've answered our pre-approval questions in order to get the plan approved, please be patient and wait for our support team to contact you.

If you don't see any questions to be answered or if you haven't received any message from us after 48h, please contact our support team via email.

If your plan has been approved already and you're still seeing the message about the pending subscription, please go to the MailPoet's Settings > Key Activation tab and click on the "Verify" button again to update the status of the subscription.

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