The Newsletters Are Not Being Received

If you or your subscribers are not receiving newsletters, previews or test emails, first do the following:

  • Wait 10 minutes; 
  • Check all your folders, including the spam folder.

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Sending with the MailPoet Sending Service

1. First time sending an email

If you're sending with MailPoet for the first time, it might take up to 20 minutes for emails to arrive, especially with Gmail. This is due to us sending with a special quarantine server to ensure addresses are valid and ensure the integrity of our reputation as senders.

2. Suspended account

If we detect too many spam complaints from your subscribers or too many hard bounces, sending will be suspended for your account, and you'll need to contact our Support team to reactivate it if possible.

Please see our guide here formore information about what this involves.

3. We do not send to disposable and role-based email addresses

MailPoet doesn't send emails to disposable and role-based addresses (i.e.:, or

4. Authentication issues

You will need to ensure your Sender Domain has been added to your account and is showing as Verified by following the steps in our guide here.  This will greatly improve deliverability, and as of 2024 is also now a requirement for sending.  If you verified your domain in the past, but haven't updated your DNS with the now-required DMARC record as well, you will need to do that to re-verify the domain.

5. Your REPLY-TO address is different from your FROM email address

In general, using two different addresses for FROM and REPLY-TO can be viewed negatively by spam filters.

We allow you to use a free email address as the FROM address when sending your emails through the MailPoet Sending Service because the FROM address will be rewritten on send. However, if you still have your free email address in the REPLY-TO setting, it's probably that your deliverability will be affected by using two different domains in the email header.

Sending with "Other" sending method

1. Sending is not working

You can go through this checklist of common sending issues.

Otherwise, consider signing up to the MailPoet Sending Service because of these 8 good reasons. We offer a free sending plan which is worth considering.

2. Missing SPF and DKIM records

You can run a spam score test if you want more information about your deliverability.

If you need to add an SPF or DKIM record on your website's DNS, please contact your host company support or the third party sending service you're using to have assistance.

3. You've reached your sending limit

If you’re sending with your own website ("Your web host / web server" option) or your host’s SMTP account ("Third-party" option), then you'll need to be aware of the limits imposed by your host. Check this list of hosts and their email sending limits.

4. You're sending emails from a free email address

If you have set your own personal free email address ( i.e.:,, as the FROM email address in the MailPoet's settings, this could be affecting your deliverability. To combat spam and phishing, large email providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc.) only allow their users to send emails from their inboxes and not a third party, like MailPoet. We always recommend using an email address from your own custom domain instead.

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