Can I Send Emails With My Own Website?

The short answer: you can, but there's a chance this option is disabled on your server or that your emails could also be flagged as spam.

The long answer: first, you need to check if this option works on your website. If it does, then you will need to check your spam score to make sure your newsletters will reach your subscriber's inbox.

To find out if this option will work, first try to send yourself a test email. First, click on the Configure button on this method's box (see image above):

Now, check your email inbox. Did you get the test email? Don't forget to check the spam folder too!

If you did receive the email, then this method works on your web server. You might use this option to send your MailPoet newsletters. The next thing you will need to pay attention to is your spam score. If your spam score is too low (or if you didn't receive the test email), we highly recommend that you sign up for our MailPoet's Sending Service

If you did not receive the test email:

  1. The PHP mail() function might be disabled on your website/host/web server (error: "Could not instantiate mail function") . You should get in touch with your hosting provider.
  2. Your emails may have been flagged as spam. We recommend you check your spam score.
  3. You might have reached your daily sending limit. Read more on limits in this article: Lists of Hosts and Their Email Sending Limits

Note that MailPoet does not use the wp_mail function. 

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