Test Your Spam Score with Mail Tester

Mail Tester is very useful for checking if sending is working as expected and determining your "spam score" or likelihood of ending up in the spam inbox, especially when you're sending with your own host and/or experiencing deliverability issues. 

It analyzes your message, your mail server, your sending IP... and shows you a detailed report of what's configured properly and what's not.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Visit  Mail Tester's website and copy the email address you'll be sending your email to:

2. Go to the newsletter you'd like to test, click to edit, and click on the "Preview" button on our email editor.

3. Select the "Send to email" option, paste the email address from Mail Tester and click on the "Send preview" button.

3. Return to Mail Tester and click on the "Then check your score" button.

4. You should then see the Spam Score test results. Here is an example page:

Common reasons for a bad score

  1. Your domain is blacklisted. Read here why we don't recommend you send with your own website.
  2. SPF and DKIM records are not properly set up. Read more about Email authentication.
  3. Your newsletter has some bad keywords according to SpamAssassin.

Important! The URI_WP_HACKED_2 item is a false-positive, probably because you included social icons in your newsletter or because it doesn't identify the shortcodes added to the newsletter as valid URLs, for example. It may affect your score, but you can safely ignore it.

Sending method is not working

If Mail Tester doesn't receive your newsletter preview, it will remain stuck on the page below:

If you see this page, it means your current sending method is not working and the emails are not being delivered. 

If that's your case, the server you're sending from is most probably blacklisted or has blocked your emails due to reaching the sending limit or for other reasons. We suggest contacting your sending provider to ask for further assistance or trying a different method to send your newsletters.

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