Test Your Spam Score with Mail Tester

MailPoet has developed its own free tool called  Mail Tester. Mail Tester is very useful for determining your "spam score" or likelihood of ending up in the spam inbox. The lower your spam score, the more likely you will be flagged as spam.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. First, visit  Mail Tester's website and copy the email address on the home page.

2. Go to the  Newsletter Designer page in MailPoet. Paste the email address from Mail Tester into the Preview panel text input on the tools sidebar and click Send preview.

3. Then, return to  Mail Tester and click on the button "Then check your score".

4. You should then see the Spam Score test results. Here is an example page:

If Your Sending Method is Not Working

If Mail Tester doesn't receive your newsletter preview, it will remain stuck on the page below:

If you see this page, it means your current sending method is not working. We suggest you try a different method to send your newsletters.

Common Reasons for Bad Scores

If your score is above 7 or 8, you will probably be fine. To make sure, simply ask a handful of your subscribers if they get your emails.

Common Issues Which Result in Bad Scores:

  1. You are blacklisted. Read here why we don't recommend you send with your own website.
  2. SPF record. Contact your host in order to set this up. Here are some handy guides to get you started.
  3. DKIM is not set up. Read more about Email authentication.
  4. Your newsletter has some bad keywords according to SpamAssassin.
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