Sending Does Not Work

If everything is properly set up and your emails are not being sent from the plugin, there's something wrong. 

Looking for errors

You can check for sending queue errors in  MailPoet > Help > System Status tab. Please include this information in your request when contacting our support team:

Here are some possible causes of sending issues:

The address is not yet authorized

To prevent phishing or email spoofing, the MailPoet Sending Service requires you to use an authorized email address.

All users who have installed MailPoet plugin and are sending with the MailPoet Sending Service need to authorize their email addresses used as the Sender.

Solution: follow the instructions to authorize the address on your account or change the FROM address to use an already authorized email address.

Note: make sure you're authorizing the email address on the correct MailPoet account. It should be the same account associated with the activation key you're using.

Email violates Sender Domain's DMARC policy

This error happens when you have a DMARC policy set up for your sender domain with "p=quarantine" or "p=reject" policy and you are using our MailPoet Sending Service.

If your sender domain doesn't have DKIM records pointing to MailPoet, your emails sent with MailPoet will be either quarantined or rejected.

To avoid this, sending is paused on your site until DKIM records are added for your sender domain.

To solve this error, authenticate the sender domain by adding DKIM records following these steps.

Poor deliverability rate

If you're sending with MailPoet Sending Service and we've detected too many bounces or spam complaints from your lists, your account will be banned according to our Anti-Spam policy

This means your sending will be temporarily suspended. You should receive an email notification and also see this warning on the Emails page:

Read more: What Happens When the MailPoet Sending Service is Paused for My Account?

Solution: get in touch with our support team to have your account reviewed and check if it's possible to reactivate the sending.

Task Scheduler is not working

If sending is stuck at 0% or Post Notifications and Welcome Emails are not sent at all, this could be due to the Newsletter Task Scheduler not being able to start. Rest assured, this is a problem you can solve yourself or ask our team to help you for free.

The task scheduler ensures that your emails are processed and dispatched on time. Running as a background process that accesses your website to schedule and process the sending of newsletters. Sending won’t work if the connection can’t be established for any reason.

How To Identify The Issue

Firstly, check if the task scheduler works by going to  MailPoet > Help > System Status tab:

Is the connection successful? If not, click on the hyperlinked URL below the Task Scheduler heading.

A new page will open with one of the 2 possible responses:

  1. your website's homepage/static page instead of "pong".
  2. an error message.

Note: If you're sending with us and the connection is successful but your emails are not being sent, your account may be suspended. Contact our support team to get help.

What To Do If There's an Error Message?

1. cURL timeout

This is fairly common and easy to fix.

Solution: get in touch with your hosting provider's technical support and send them this:

Hi support! cURL requests on my website frequently time out.

This is causing issues with certain WordPress plugins, like MailPoet, which run background processes.

Is it possible to increase the cURL timeout limit?

2. cURL forbidden

Solution: get in touch with your hosting provider's technical support and send them this:

Hi support! We get a cURL forbidden on this page: PASTE URL OF THE ERROR MESSAGE HERE 

Is it possible to white list this URL?

3. The website is behind a proxy

This is unusual, but it happens with intranet websites for

Solution: activate Server side cron (Linux cron) in your MailPoet Settings > Advanced > Newsletter task scheduler (cron). See guide.

4. All other common errors

  1. The Task Scheduler URL is returning your homepage.
  2. The hosting provider is blocking HTTP loopback connections (e.g. your site → your site).
  3. Restrict access/security plugins preventing it to work (e.g. iThemes Security Plugin, WordFence, WPMUDEV Privacy Plugin, Ninja Firewall plugins). To completely rule out your site's code as a root cause, please run a full conflict test.
  4. The site is too slow to respond (e.g., operation timed out).

Solution: activate Server side cron (Linux cron) in your MailPoet Settings > Advanced > Newsletter task scheduler (cron). See guide.

5. Contact Us

You can contact us here.

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