Your FROM address cannot be,,

We do not recommend using your personal Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc. email address as the FROM and REPLY-TO addresses when sending your emails from the MailPoet plugin:
The reason is that your emails might not be delivered at all to some large email providers ( i.e.: Yahoo) or they might display a warning such as  "Be careful with this message" on Gmail, which warns the recipient that they might be spoofed:

Which email address should be used?

Your FROM and REPLY-TO email address should be a custom email address from your own domain, like newsletter@

To create an email address from your own domain, you can ask your domain name registrar or your web hosting provider for assistance.

Before setting this email address as your FROM and REPLY-TO address in the plugin's settings, please make sure this is an existing email that has an active mailbox properly set up for it.

Why not use a personal free email address?

To combat spam and phishing, large email providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, etc.) only allow their users to send emails from their inboxes and not a third party, like MailPoet.
For example, Yahoo will not accept your emails if you send a newsletter with MailPoet and your FROM email address is a Yahoo or Gmail address.
This is a good measure for everyone's security. 

Sending with the MailPoet Sending Service

Sending emails with the MailPoet Sending Service allows you to use free addresses by default. This said, the FROM address will be rewritten on send.

However, only the FROM address is rewritten, and if you're using a different email address for the REPLY-TO, it can be viewed negatively by spam filters and affect your deliverability.

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