Adding an Unsubscribe Link to the Newsletter Header

When a subscriber clicks the  "Unsubscribe" link on your email, they will be removed from all lists. While this may seem counter-intuitive at first, you will want that link to be as visible as possible. 

Why? Because if a user wants to unsubscribe and doesn't find the email, they might end up marking the email as spam, and that will affect your reputation as a sender. 

The "Unsubscribe" link is always included in the footer of your newsletters but we highly recommend including another one in the Header or main content of your emails.

To include this additional link for your emails, you will need to identify the area where you will add it, then start by dragging and dropping a text widget there.

You will then edit the Text Widget content to add the Unsubscribe shortcode. First, select the shortcodes button.

Finally, click on "Links" and select the "Unsubscribe link" option.

This added visibility could help you prevent unwanted spam complaints.

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