Creating a Newsletter Page

A great way to easily segment your subscribers into different lists at the moment of subscription is to offer your subscribers the option to choose the content they want to receive and how often they'd like to receive emails from you. 

Consider doing this if you want to:

  • Set clear expectations about your newsletters;
  • Improve your engagement rates;
  • Prevent users from unsubscribing and flagging your emails as Spam - as they will have the right expectations about your newsletters.

In this article, we will share the steps to create a "Newsletter Page" where you can have multiple forms describing each mailing list you have, similar to this one:

1. Creating the Lists

To start, you need to create a List for each type of campaign and audience you'd like to send emails to. You can consider having different lists according to sending frequencies (i.e.: Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly), interests (i.e.: categories, subjects, membership tiers), or a combination of both (i.e.: Daily Music, Weekly News).

2. Creating the Forms

Then create a dedicated form for each type of mailing list you have and associate them with their respective Lists.

It's better to have the forms following the same template so that the page will look more professional and attractive. For that, you can create the first one as you prefer and then duplicate it, so you can simply change:

  • Form's name;
  • Header image;
  • Text;
  • Form's associated List.

3. Creating the Page

After having all individual Forms styled and created, you can create a new page in  WordPress's dashboard > Pages > Add New.

To have a grid layout, you should add a columns block by clicking the "+" icon and selecting "Columns" - if you don't see this option in the box, you can search for it!

Select the variation of your choice taking into account how many forms you have. Once you have the Columns block added to the page, click on the "+" icon for each column and add the "MailPoet Subscription Form" block to it:

After having one "MailPoet Subscription Form" block on each column, you can easily duplicate them so that you can add more rows below:

And then you should select a MailPoet form for each block.

If you need to adjust the space between the rows, you can add a Spacer block:

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