Troubleshooting Post Notifications Emails

Post Notifications problems can be provoked for few reasons and, in most cases, it's hard to identify a common pattern for them. However, there are some things to check if you set up Post Notification Emails on your site but they are not sent.

1) Check the Post Notification settings

Ensure that your Post Notification emails settings are correct and they're " Active".

You can refer to this article: Create a Post Notification Email.

2) Check the conditions to trigger the Post Notifications

There are a few things to keep in mind while setting them up. If you want to know more about the specific conditions to trigger Post Notification emails, you can read the [FAQ] Post Notifications.

3) Check if the Task Scheduler connection is successful

Check if your site can send other types of emails and the Task Scheduler is working properly by going to the MailPoet > Help > System Status tab.

If the task scheduler connection is not successful or is returning an error message, that is why your emails are not being triggered.

You can read how to troubleshoot it and how to fix it here.

4) Check if the cron option is working

In some cases, sending could be paused if the Server side cron (Linux cron) is enabled. You won't see any error message and the task scheduler might seem working fine.

 When that happens, you could:

  • Check on MailPoet -> Help -> System Status tab what's the info displayed for the cron job. Pay special attention to the last seen error, this can provide you a hint to identify what can be failing in your server side cron.

  • You can switch the cron method to Visitors to your website or MailPoet's own script. This usually resumes the sending.

5) Make sure the email is set up to a list where your subscribers are signed in

If you notice that your subscribers are not getting the Post Notification email, check on MailPoet > Emails > Post Notifications that the email is set up to a mailing list where they're already added:

If your subscribers are not added to the list, they won't receive any email.

Please note the MailPoet plugin will send Post Notification emails only to "Subscribed" subscribers.

6) Try recreating the Post Notification email from scratch

In some rare cases, a certain Post Notification email might not send and there's no apparent reason why. When this happens, recreating the email from scratch fixes the problem - if the new email is sent correctly, then it's safe to delete the old one.

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