[FAQ] Post Notifications

1. The latest post is shown in the preview, but when the newsletter was sent, it was without latest post content.

Only newly published posts after the newsletter have been created will be sent. The posts that appear in the newsletter designer are just for illustration purposes.

2. There’s no post since the last email, will the new email be canceled or send the same content as the previous one?

When there’s no post since the last email, no new email is sent.

3. What happens if Automatic Latest Content is set to display 10 posts but only 5 posts were published?

The newsletter will send 5 posts only.

4. What if Automatic Latest Content is set to display 5 posts but 8 posts were published?

The oldest 3 posts won't be displayed in the newsletter.

5. Why the images from my post aren't showing?

MailPoet uses the featured images from your post if you show excerpts and not full posts. Make sure you select a "Featured Image" when editing your posts. 

5. What happens when I update a post?

Updating a post doesn't trigger the Post Notification. If you want to re-send an already published post, you'll need to publish it as a new post or re-publish it.