Checklist After Migrating to MailPoet 3

The entire process of migrating should take about one hour in total in most cases. 

Do the following once the migration script has successfully run:

  1. Update your forms in your theme, widgets, sidebars and shortcodes. Otherwise your subscribers might join a list on MailPoet version 2!
  2. You will need to recreate your template because we use an entirely new template system;
  3. Recreate Post Notifications and Welcome Emails if necessary;
  4. Check your Signup Confirmation email content;
  5. Update your Archive page if you use that: the shortcode [wysija_archive] should be replaced by [mailpoet_archive]. Your new archive will be empty because we don't migrate the archive;
  6. Premium customers: 
    1. Find your new Premium key our new account manager;
    2. You will need to remove DKIM signature from your DNS. The plugin doesn't sign emails with DKIM anymore. Note that the MailPoet Sending Service does sign DKIM without the need for you to;
    3. If you are sending with the MailPoet Sending Service, you don't need to sign with SPF, unless you have another SPF record in place for another use than MailPoet. Read more here.
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