How to Downgrade a MailPoet Sending Plan

We do not offer a way to automatically downgrade your sending plan. If you're paying for a plan that no longer suits your needs, you'll need to cancel it and subscribe to a new plan.

How to Downgrade a Sending Plan?

1. Go to your MailPoet 3 account and click on the Manage link for the plan you want to upgrade:

2. Click on the Cancel button:

Note the plan won't be immediately cancelled. It will be set to be cancelled by the end of the current billing period, so you can still use it.

If it's an annual sending plan, please contact us and we will cancel it for you and offer a refund for the unused time you've left.

3. Confirm cancellation:

4. Back to My Subscriptions page, you'll see a note saying when the plan will be cancelled and then you're ready to subscribe to a new plan according to the number of total subscribers you have now.

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