Known Issues in Email Rendering and Display

Below are known issues or bugs with the rendering of templates designed with our editor.

1. Buttons with label on 2 lines or more are vertically collapsed to 1 line in Outlook 2013 and 2016 on Win 7


Solution: make labels on a single line.

Next steps: will not fix.

2. Social icons: no padding or margins between icons in several email clients including some Outlook


Solution: no easy fix for this one apparently. 

Next steps: MailPoet might fix it by possibly modifying the PNGs to add invisible pixel left and right of each icon.

3. Footer widget > "Add your postal address here!" is rendered in bold in both browser and email clients with the tags <b>

The editor doesn't show it in bold.  See screenshot.

Solution: simply add a new footer widget to start over. 

4. Nested lists: the editor doesn't display them but it should


Next steps: MailPoet to fix to display nested list in our Editor.

5. Outlook: some of its varieties (2013, 2016 on win 7) don't like vertically short buttons


6. Outlook 2016 displays horizontal lines in some blocks

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