Images Not Displayed In Emails

There are many reasons why the newsletters' images would not be displayed properly on an email client:

This setting is usually part of a security/firewall plugin and it prevents your website's images from being loaded outside of your website domain.

If you don't have any security plugin installed, try looking into your host's control panel. Some hosts and CDN providers offer hotlink protection and you may want to contact your web host about this issue.

Folder's permission

As mentioned here, MailPoet requires write permissions to create content inside the WordPress's /wp-content/uploads folder. MailPoet uses this folder to store cache and other transient files. Please ensure that /wp-content/uploads folder permissions are set to "755", "775" or "777". 

Google Image Proxy

When your users open email messages, Gmail uses Google’s secure proxy servers to serve images that might be included in these messages. This protects your users and domain against image-based security vulnerabilities.

Because of the image proxy, links to images that are dependent on internal IPs and sometimes cookies are broken. 

You can whitelist your domain's URL and fix this issue by following these steps.

Apple Privacy Settings

If you believe the issue is related to Apple Mail only:

  • Check your Mail Privacy Protection settings. Mail Privacy Protection can also be turned on and off by going to Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection
    Apple Mail won’t load email content without your permission and instead notifies you that it's unable to load remote content privately. For reference, check out this Apple support documentation
  • If you see an "Unable to load remote content privately" at the top of an email, it might be because you're using a Virtual Private Network. Mail will not load content without your permission, but if there's something that you need to see, you can bypass it by tapping the "Load Content" option on the warning.
  • Check if Load Remote Content is disabled in Settings > Mail > Load Remote Content.

Blacklisted Domains

Images in your newsletter are linked back to your site (not embedded in the email itself — read for more information why). We've seen cases where if a domain appears on a blacklist, some email clients / devices may not load the images.

You can check here if your site's URL is blacklisted on any public blacklist: If it is, follow the instructions on how to delist it or host your images externally.

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