Why Can't I See the Detailed Stats?

It could be that you have a paid subscription and the MailPoet Premium plugin is installed and active, but you don't have access to the Premium features, or you see this notification when checking the detailed stats:

This can happen mostly for three reasons:

1. The MailPoet Premium Plugin is not installed or activated

In this article, you can learn how to manually install and activate our Premium plugin.

2. The MailPoet Premium Plugin is not updated to the latest version

Check that the MailPoet Premium plugin is on the same level as the MailPoet plugin. For instance, if MailPoet is on 3.65, MailPoet Premium must also be on 3.65.

If the Premium plugin is on an older version and the update is not being shown, you can try to force the update to show up by going to the  WordPress Dashboard > Updates and click on the "Check again" button.

If it doesn't work, you can delete the old plugin from the Plugins page and manually install it again by downloading the .zip file from your MailPoet account and then uploading it on the WordPress dashboard > Plugins page.

3. The Stats Tracking feature is disabled

If the problem is only affecting the detailed stats, please ensure that the "Engagement analytics tracking" in the MailPoet > Settings > Advanced tab is set to "full". If you sent emails while this option was disabled, enabling it back won't bring you the stats for those emails that were already sent, it will work just for the future ones.

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