How to Remove Custom Fields From Your Form

To completely delete a custom field from all the MailPoet subscription forms, you need to go to the MailPoet > Forms > Edit your form.

Then add it to your form and click on the "Delete this custom field" link in the Custom field settings.

It applies to custom fields created by you when creating the form, or that have been imported with your list.

Please note that all custom fields created in MailPoet will be displayed in the Manage Subscription page for all your subscribers.

Custom fields set as a "Mandatory field", even if they're not added to the MailPoet subscription form, will be required at the moment of subscription. This affects also third-party forms integrated with MailPoet 3, so you need to change their settings to non-mandatory or delete the field according to this article's instructions.

In this case, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open any form in the form editor;
  2. Click the black plus icon for adding new fields;
  3. Search for the required field in the fields search box;
  4. Follow the instructions to remove this field.
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