How to Create a Pop Up/Slider Form

Adding your subscription form as a pop-up or a slider is definitely a good way to attract new subscribers. Here is how you can do it:


1. Choose the  Pop-up block under Form Placement menu on your right pane:

2. Go through each of the Pop-up settings:

Toggle the Enable option to activate your pop-up form.

  • Choose your Form width. You can use either pixels or % to set it up.
  • You can choose to Display on all pages or choose just specific ones.
  • You can choose to Display on all posts/products or choose specific ones.
  • You can choose to Display on posts with these categories or Display on posts with these tags.
  • You can Show animation on display of your choice.
  • Display with a delay of sets the delay of showing the pop-up on pages/posts.
  • Show form every means that if a user closed the pop-up, it will re-appear for them in a specified number of days.
  • If Exit-intent display is enabled, the form will pop up when moving the cursor away from the site's area in your browser on the exact same posts/pages that are selected in your Form's display settings. Note that it only works on desktop, not on mobile. On mobile, the pop-up will appear according to the delay settings.


The slide-in settings are similar to Pop-up:

In this case, please check the following:

  • Pop-up/Slider won't show on listing pages such as Blogs, Archives, etc. Pop-up will display on the Shop page and product listings, but can be disabled with the mailpoet_display_form_in_product_listing filter.
  • Pop-up/Slider won't show on custom posts/pages.
  • Pop-up/Slider won't show if you've already dismissed it previously. This information is stored as a `popup_form_dismissed_XX` cookie (where XX is the form's ID) and expires after the number of days specified in the "Show form every" setting. Clearing it will make the pop-up appear again.
  • Pop-up/Slider won't show if a user is already logged in and subscribed to any of the form’s lists.
  • Pop-up/Slider won't show if a user has already subscribed using the same form.
  • If a post is in 2 categories and you have 2 forms (one for each category), one of the forms will be displayed only, and it's a random one.
  • Your theme or another plugin can interfere if your form doesn't show up at all. Please refer to the following guide to rule it out as a root cause: How to Test for Theme and Plugin Conflicts.
  • If you're using a caching plugin (e.g. WP Rocket), try disabling cache for the page where the form should be displayed.
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