cURL issue 56: Failure when receiving data from the peer

If sending is not working as expected and you see this error message displayed when checking your task scheduler connection, it means something is preventing your emails to be sent. 

cURL issue 56: Failure when receiving data from the peer

You may notice the sending is paused or the automated newsletters are not being sent.

This error means there's an error on the hosts' side. It could be a server-side restriction or a loopback error on the server.

If your servers prevent scripts making HTTP (port 80) connections back to the same server that they’re running on, we suggest changing the task scheduler option to the Linux option via  MailPoet > Settings > Advanced > Task Scheduler “Linux Cron”.

Set this and follow the on-screen instructions.

Most hosts provide a cron interface in their control panel and cPanel also includes an option to set the cron. If for any reason your host doesn’t have that, contact our support team via email to ask us for further assistance.

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