Add a Checkbox Field to the MailPoet Form

You can simply add a checkbox to your MailPoet form when creating a new form or when editing an existing one by going to MailPoet Forms page. A good idea is to use it to ask for your subscriber's permission, especially when considering GDPR guidelines. We allow you to use HTML and add a link to the checkbox custom field option.

Once you're on the form editor, click on the " +" icon to open the popup with the options to create a custom field:

1) Select the Checkbox option as your field type:

2) You should set it as a mandatory field, so it won't be possible to subscribe without checking this option. 

3) Add the text and a link to a page you want to link to (i.e.: Privacy Policy page) by using the HTML code <a href="">link</a>.

Click "Create" to create the custom field and add it to your form. You can still edit the checkbox text field and link once you've added the custom field to your form:

Make sure to click on the "Update custom field" after making any changes and it's done. Here's how it should look like:

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