How to Add a Checkbox Field to MailPoet Form

You can simply add a checkbox to your MailPoet form when creating a new form or when editing an existing one by going to MailPoet Forms page.

Once you're on your form page, click on the Fields tab and on the Add New Field button:

Select the Checkbox option as your field type:

And then you can fill the name with the text you want to. A good idea is to use it to ask for permissions, especially when considering  GDPR guidelines

In this example, we're going to create the checkbox field to ask the user if they agree to have their email saved on our server.

Note: MailPoet doesn't store your mailing lists, newsletters or your subscriber's data. It's only stored on your own website's database.

You should set it as a mandatory field, so the user won't be able to subscribe if they do not voluntarily check this option.

When you're done, drag the new field and place wherever you want to in your form:

Just save it and it's done.

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