Add a Captcha to Subscription Forms

MailPoet 3 optionally offers reCaptcha as an effective method to stop fake signups.  

We recommend activating it in case there’s evidence of fake signups via our forms only. It won't stop fake signups as WordPress users.

To enable this feature for MailPoet forms subscriptions, you should go to MailPoet's Settings page > Advanced tab > and select "Yes" on the "Enable reCaptcha" option:

You'll need to sign up for an API key pair at reCaptcha's website. Make sure to select the option reCAPTCHA V2:

After registering a new site, you'll see your Site Key and your Secret Key:

To make sure the reCaptcha will work for all website visitors, including those who disabled Javascript on their browser, scroll down to  Key Settings on the bottom of the page and modify the " Security Preference" by moving the slider to " Easiest for users"  as described here.

Then back to MailPoet's plugin, add your keys in the two input fields below the option toggle:

This option is global, which means, once activated, all your subscription forms will contain a reCaptcha validation field after you activate this feature.

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