Incompatible Hosts with the MailPoet Task Scheduler

To work properly, the newsletter task scheduler needs to be triggered by an event to run continuously and send all the emails that are scheduled to be sent in our sending queue. We offer three options to do that by going to MailPoet's Settings > Advanced tab:

Unfortunately, the following hosts will disable your website if you're using the  MailPoet's own script option:
  • SiteGround
  • Amazon EC2
  • Using a different host but still having issues? Let us know.

Why does this happen?

Because MailPoet's own task scheduler script runs non-stop in the background of your website. Although it's not CPU intensive, some hosts will dislike its long CPU cycles and have your website temporarily disabled. CPU time or CPU usage is the amount of time (in seconds) a computer program uses in processing CPU instructions.

According to SiteGround, for example, no customer is allowed to use more than 20000 CPU seconds for a day and more than 2000 CPU seconds for an hour of the day.

What to do?

If your hosting provider restricts daily/weekly CPU usage, we suggest that you try using the "Visitors to your website" option instead:

If you have already tried it and the problem persists or your website is hosted on SiteGround or Amazon EC2, we recommend selecting the "Server side cron (Linux cron)" option:

You can follow this guide to set your cron job: Setting the Server Side Cron (Linux Cron)

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