Incompatible Hosts with the MailPoet Task Scheduler

The following hosts will disable your site if you use the MailPoet's task scheduler:
  • SiteGround
  • Amazon EC2
  • Using a different host but still having issues? Let us know.

The MailPoet task scheduler can be activated in your MailPoet's  Settings > Advanced :

Why Some Hosts Disable It?

MailPoet's own task scheduler script runs non-stop in the background of your website.

It's not CPU intensive, but some host will dislike its long CPU cycles, unfortunately.

SiteGround Example

SiteGround's cPanel will display CPU cycles like this:

According to SiteGround:

If your website is hosted on SiteGround or in an Amazon EC2 instance, please use the "Visitors to your website" option:

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